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Welcome and Happy Halloween

Purrs..... we are so happy you stopped here for your treat tonight. We have plenty of catnip candy and confections for your taste buds! Just go over to the coffin and see which treats you want to select...... Be very careful that you do not fall into the coffin - - -


What was that noise coming from the coffin?We don't know if we want to go near it, do youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu????????????
That sure was a scary sound!!! Last year some very strange things happened with that very same coffin. We do not want to tell you about all that occured, but it wasn't all good, or ..... safe!!!!

We will stay here and wait for you to get your treat. Just go over to the treat coffin and click on it....... but, pleeze be very careful!!!!!


Treat Coffin - Click if you 'DARE'
Click Coffin
If You Dare!!!

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