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A Beautiful Memorial Was Made For Tabakitty At The 'Claw Chapel',by Charlie and His Mewmee. Please Click On Tabakitty's Claw Picture Below to go there.

I belonged to 'Claw' for cats who rule!!
Here is a picture of me wearing my 'Claw' Crown.

I am one of the few who has successfully navigated
'The Dragon's Lair'
Therefore, the honor and right to display the gift below
has been bestowed upon me.

Click on this and see how
SPECIAL I really was.

Tabakitty's Pawtraits by, Cats & Celtic Music

I Am A graduate of Mr. Frass's School of Feline Ninja Warriors.
Here are my credentials.

I was a member of all of these wonderful clubs and met a lot of really mice purrs and purrsons!!