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January 1,1998

Hi, My name is Tab, most human types call me 'Tabakitty'. I am 14 years

old. I am the prettiest black and white kitty that you have ever seen,

just ask anyone ~ including me! ~ I am the queen of the house that I live

in. I am not the only cat in this house, but I am the 'boss kitty'!!!

I have a real problem sharing, whether it be the food or my space!!! I have

been living with this other cat for fourteen years now, and my Meowmee & Paw

~~the human ones~~ are still waiting for me to adjust to this other cat.

May 27,1998

The other cat left us. Meowmee said that she went to the 'Rainbow Bridge'

to wait for us.She said that Lude was happy where she was at now.

I am getting all of the attention around here now too.

I am the apple of my Paw's eyes and get away with everything!! But,

I am so cute~~~

I am one of the few who has successfully navigated
'The Dragon's Lair'
Therefore, the honor and right to display the gift below
has been bestowed upon me.

Click on this and see how
SPECIAL I really am.

Tabakitty's Pawtraits by, CATS & CELTIC MUSIC