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APRIL 1,1983 ~ May 27,1998

Hi, my name is 'Lude', sometimes called 'Lu-Lu', or 'Luder'. I am fifteen years old now. I am not too happy around people, except my (human) Mommy & Daddy. I love to hiss at children and I very seldom visit with adults who come into my home. But let me be at home with just my sister and my Mom & Dad (the human ones) then I am the happiest kitty in the world.

My Mom works and she is really my favorite human. I do know when she is expected home from work and I sit in the front window for a half hour before she arrives home. I just sit there and watch because I know my whole world gets much better when she is home. My Dad is good to me, but my Mom is my favorite!! I meet my Mom at the door and sit there till she picks me up and pets me ~ she often doesn't get her coat off and I am in her arms.

I usually eat dinner with my Mom and I always sleep with her whether it be in the bed or in her chair. I am truly a cyber-kitty. I sit on the keyboard and often push a key while Mommy is typing. So if you ever see any stray marks, you know that I was there, as usual!!

I mentioned a sister, well ~ Yes I do have one. She is the boss-kitty at our home. I just stay away from her, but if she messes with me, I will 'hiss' at her!! I don't mind that she is the 'boss', for I know that I also have an important place in this home.

I really am the 'sweetheart kitty' here. Everyone is real good to me ~~ I am such a con, all I have to do is meow at the top of my lungs and the Mom & Dad come a running. It is a trick I learned a couple of years ago and it still works around here.

I have an important job around here too. My Mom goes to bed at ten every night. If she is not in bed by ten-fifteen, I sit on the bed and cry, as loud as I can, until she comes to bed. She should know that we have to get to bed on time as I get her up at four-thirty for my breakfast! I really am a good girl, but my Mom & Dad say that I am spoiled ~~ who's fault is that??

Well, look what my Mommy has got me into this time. She knows I don't like anything new or different. But I love her and I will try to do my best at Mr. Frass's School of Feline Ninja Warriors.

Well, I guess all of my hard work did pay off. My Mommy sure is happy with me and I sure did learn an awful lot.Look what I earned, all by myself!!

My Mommy sure is keeping me busy, now a club ~ I never have any spare time anymore!!

~~Another Club~~

Where is my nap and petting time going??


~~April 1st~~

Now, this is right up my 'alley'.
I have been doing this for as long as I can remember,
and they just think that I am sleeping all of the time.

Click on this and see how
I really am.

Another club, I am starting to like this,
I am meeting some real great friends,
meowmee said that I would.

Hi, I'm Ludes friend Missy
Lude likes to watch me out the window.