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By Scully, Fox & Spud

Meditation can work if you wish to be alone, or with another. We feel it is best for us to get close to each other with our bodies and our minds!! Our pretty pink vase, pictured, is our favorite place.

Meditation is a word to describe a state of mind which is very quiet and in touch with your true inner spirit. This inner spirit has all the answers and guidance you need. It is a method to become more aware of feelings, sensibilities, intuition, thoughts, and behaviors. The more aware of how we are, the more we naturally grow, transform, change, and evolve. As we mature in awareness, we become more accepting and responsible. The more aware we are of ourselves, the more aware we are of others. Meditation is essentially a practice of exploration and experimentation. It is venturing into ones self, learning to trust oneself, and in so doing to be able to trust life. Meditation is where change and transformation occurs. Where healing happens. Where joy, creativity, and love originate.
Sometimes this wonderful state of meditation is discovered accidentally, by just relaxing in a beautiful natural setting. Many people have glimpsed this reality for only a moment. Some have felt the meditative consciousness from just being close to someone who is centered in it. These tastes are helpful because they provide a sense that meditation is real. It is also an inquiry into one's being. Meditative consciousness adds quality to life. And it is the true healing of mind, body, and spirit.

If you have never meditated before, donít worry if you donít reach a meditative state the first time. Just work at relaxing your mind. Keep yourself relaxed during a session. If you notice any tension, or seem to be trying too hard, gently return to a relaxed state and think of nothing. Don't put too much pressure on yourself, just let it happen naturally. And donít expect huge revelations at first either. Usually what happens is just a peaceful feeling overcomes you. With time and perserverance, it will come to you.

A healthy mind and body can always meditate easier.

Pleeze Spay/Neuter

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