April 1,1982 ~ May 27,1998

Lude Went To The Rainbow Bridge
On Wednesday May 27, 1998,
Due To Kidney Failure (CRF) And Complications.
God Decided That It Was Her Time.
She Will Be Waiting At The Bridge For Us.

Nothing Cuts Quite as Deep, as The Loss of a Friend.

Most of the following is from Lude's original page.
She was such a unique little girl.

Hi, my name is 'Lude', sometimes called 'Lu-Lu', or 'Luder'. I am sixteen years old now. I am not too happy around people, except my (human) Mommy & Daddy. I love to hiss at children and I very seldom visit with adults who come into my home. But let me be at home with just my sister and my Mom & Dad (the human ones) then I am the happiest kitty in the world.

My Mom works and she is really my favorite human. I do know when she is expected home from work and I sit in the front window for a half hour before she arrives home. I just sit there and watch because I know my whole world gets much better when she is home. My Dad is good to me, but my Mom is my favorite!! I meet my Mom at the door and sit there till she picks me up and pets me ~ she often doesn't get her coat off and I am in her arms.

I usually eat dinner with my Mom and I always sleep with her whether it be in the bed or in her chair. I am truly a cyber-kitty. I sit on the keyboard and often push a key while Mommy is typing. So if you ever see any stray marks, you know that I was there, as usual!!

I mentioned a sister, well ~ Yes I do have one. She is the boss-kitty at our home. I just stay away from her, but if she messes with me, I will 'hiss' at her!! I don't mind that she is the 'boss', for I know that I also have an important place in this home.

I really am the 'sweetheart kitty' here. Everyone is real good to me ~~ I am such a con, all I have to do is meow at the top of my lungs and the Mom & Dad come a running. It is a trick I learned a couple of years ago and it still works around here.

I have an important job around here too. My Mom goes to bed at ten every night. If she is not in bed by ten-fifteen, I sit on the bed and cry, as loud as I can, until she comes to bed. She should know that we have to get to bed on time as I get her up at four-thirty for my breakfast! I really am a good girl, but my Mom & Dad say that I am spoiled ~~ who's fault is that??

I was educated at
Mr.Frass' School
of Feline Ninja Warriors,
here are my credentials.

This is One Diploma
That I am Especially Proud of.

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